Best Vacation Destination this Spring..Greece is Heaven

Greece is heaven on earth

Greece is a really small country in the Mediterranean Sea that is full of surprises. Greece is a country that combines history and arts with pleasure and entertainment. Let’s find out all the places in Greece that really worth visiting.


Athens is the capital of Greece and its biggest city, with a population of almost four million people. This city is the perfect place for everyone who wants to find some really interesting vacation deals that combine history, arts, architecture, and fun too. The most famous monuments in the world can be found in Athens, such as Acropolis with its spectacular museum, Herodus Atticus Theatre and the temple of Olympian Zeus. It is also a city with a huge variety of entertainment places. Most of the travel packages that refer to Athens include food tours and the visitor is able to taste all the Greek recipes such as Souvlaki, Greek Salad or Mousaka.


Thessaloniki is in the north of Greece and is the second largest city in Greece. This city is under a balcanian influence and the traveler can recognize the differences between Athens and Thessaloniki. There, you can visit a lot of famous historical monuments such as the White tower which is the landmark of the city. Saint Sophia’s church is a must visit place too, because this church is actually a replica of the church of Saint Sophia in Istanbul. Thessaloniki is also known for its great taverns and restaurants, where you can taste really delicious meals. If you visit this city you have to taste the famous bougatsa, which is a pie, stuffed with cheese and it’s really delicious.


Mykonos is a Greek island, three hours away from Athens. You can reach Mykonos by plane or by taking a ferry from Piraeus port. Mykonos Island is a synonym for high-quality vacation. With its crystal clear water beaches, with a variety of luxury hotels all over the island and some great restaurants, in the main region of it, with some of the most famous DJs sets taking place there almost every night, Mykonos is considered to be an excellent choice if you want to have the summer of your life. You can find vacation packages all inclusive at some of the best hotels of the island and feel like a real king. Super Paradise and Panormos beach are two of the most famous places for enjoying the sea.


The island of Santorini was created by a volcano explosion and maybe that’s the reason why this island is one of the hottest vacation destinations all over the world. One of the most interesting things on the island is the consistency of the beaches because of the volcano existence. Red beach is the perfect beach in order to see this phenomenon. It consists of red and black volcanic pebbles and the water is hot. Santorini is also famous for its local wines such as Assyrtiko label, a very delicious white wine. This island, however, is worldwide famous for its sunset. You can see the sun diving into the sea and the colors of the sky are beyond every imagination.


This historical city is in the heart of Peloponnese region. Monemvasia’s name comes as a sum up of two Greek words, ‘’moni’’ which means the only and ‘’emvasis’’ which means the entrance. When you reach the top of the castle, the view is breathtaking. Besides the castle, a must visit is the Cape Maleas Lighthouse.


Crete is a really big island so if a traveler wants to explore all of it, has to stay more than ten days. Heraklion is one of the biggest cities on the island and if you want to visit the palace of Knossos, the most famous Minoan civilization monument, you have to spend a couple of days in this city. Chania is considered by many of the travelers that have visited it, as the most beautiful city in Crete. In Chania, you will have a swim in some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece such as Balos and Falasarna beach.You will taste some of the local dishes such as Dakos and Kalitsounia and you will drink the famous Raki. The major characteristic of this island is the hospitality of the people.


The main island of a seven islands’ complex on the west of Greece is a great reason to visit Greece. Corfu is influenced by the Italian culture because the island was under the Italian domination for many years. The architecture of the buildings, the churches, such as the most famous church of the island in honor of Saint Spyridon has lot similarities with the Italian architecture style. If you ever walk across the island, you should visit the Liston square in the heart of it. You should also let yourself get lost into the little paths in the city of Corfu, called Kantounia and taste the delicious dishes of the island such as Pastitsada. Pontikonisi is a small island next to Corfu and it’s a great idea for a daily boat trip.


Ioannina is living fairy tale city. It is in the west of Greece and you can reach Ioannina by plane or by car or by bus. It is famous for its lake which is in the center of the city. You can enjoy long distance walks across the city; you can rent a bike and go for unforgettable rides all across the lake or you can explore the ancient castle of Ioannina which is in the east central part of the city.Ioannina city is very famous for its silver handmade jewelries.


Lefkada is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, a secret paradise, a place where crystal clear beaches are beyond every imagination. You can reach Lefkada by car through Egnatia Street and the distance from Athens is almost four hours. Leukada is worldwide famous for its beaches ‘’Egremnoi’’ and ‘’Porto Katsiki’’ which was honored as the best beach in the world for several years. The combination of sharp cliffs next to deep blue waters is one of a kind. You can also taste great local dishes on the island such as the famous olive-oil pie and enjoy the nightlife of the main city of Lefkada.

Three Places You Must Visit In Your Life

It’s one of the most exciting that time of the year, where your family has to make that ultimate decision and decide on a couple places to vacation. Many families become tired of traveling to the same vacation spots year after year. Before choosing a vacation location there are at least three in the world that a family must visit.

If you haven’t been to Canada…it’s about time you pack some suitcases and be on your way. There are several places for the kids to enjoy themselves at the strips where there are arcades and much more.

If you’re looking for a night out with your spouse you’ll be surprised at how many small romantic restaurants you find offering a variety of food. Even in the summertime Canada is never too, hot or too cold so there’s perfect weather. Canada has a little something for everyone. There is one spot that men and women alike will enjoy is Edmonton, Canada’s largest mall, it’s the largest shopping and entertainment centre. There are over 800 stores, 110 eating outlets and restaurant.

Surprisingly, there are still American adults who have never stepped foot onto the Miami Florida soil. This is perfect for someone who loves the warmth of the sun…in Florida, there is plenty of it. There are also plenty of beautiful beaches like Sunny Isle Beach- Complete with a mixture of entertainment, relaxation, places where you can surf, swim and fish this is the place everyone in the family will enjoy. Haulover Beach – This beach is definitely a family fun place. There are concessions, nice places for families to picnic.

As always there’s surfing, sunbathing, swimming and there’s a part of the beach that’s clothing optional. Bal Harbour- BAL Harbour Beach is a place made for both the women and men. There’s shopping areas, spas and golf courses for the gentlemen. Miami just doesn’t offer some hot beaches to enjoy but let’s not forget Universal Studios is right nearby for the kids.

The Universal Islands of Adventure offers entertainment for every age. The Islands of Adventures has nightclubs and celebrity chef restaurants for adults traveling with children. There are block buster movies and much more. Islands of Adventures are one of the perfect places to go with the whole family.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom- Animal Kingdom is a Kodak moment for the family where you’re able to see the different kinds of animals, enjoy scary fun roller coaster rides and play interactive games.

Florida offers such more than words can describe, if your curiosity has been peaked just a little go and satisfy it by visiting Florida.. An action packed city with lots and lots of fun things to do you can have such a great time there you never want to leave.

Every day New York hosts several Broadway plays ranging from old school classic to modern day. You can even take the whole family with you and then afterwards enjoy dinner at the several classy restaurants around. For ladies who love to shop New York has plenty of discount stores that offer name brand clothes, pocketbook and jewelry for bargain prices. There’s strips, fireworks everything you can possibly imagine. If you are adventurous family looking to explore earth’s realms start off with these three amazing places.